Seeker sensitive movement
Armed with a “big business” mentality, many in the seeker-sensitive movement have replaced Bible-based sermons with anecdote-filled talks. After all, that’s the stuff that sells. In light of this growing evangelical trend, John MacArthur examines what happens when preachers put the seeker before the Savior and abandon God’s Word for ear-tickling entertainment in
Fifteen Evil Consequences of Plexiglas Preaching.

Expository Preaching Richard Phillips writes: "One of the grandest and also most daunting tasks anyone can take up with seriousness is the week-to-week preaching of the Word of God. The preacher stands before God and man, challenged to serve the former in the faithful handling of his sacred Word and to produce in the latter effects beyond his own power to achieve. He has to contend with a sometimes disinterested and even hostile congregation and also with himself . . . continue

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Preach the Word of God is the highest calling, the most wonderful thing a person can do with his life. There is nothing more rewarding than the faithful preaching of the Word of God.

Biblical Preaching is not merely talking about God. It is God Himself working through the Scriptures and personality of the preacher confronting and bringing men to Himself.

Expository Preaching is the proclamation of the Bible itself. It is the preacher's divine assignment. Does God have anything to say? Biblical preaching confronts modern man with God's truth. It comes directly from the Scriptures.

Are You Ready to Preach? It is amazing how such a man can have of intellectual ability, personal appeal, and charisma, and not be ready to preach. 

Preacher’s Preparation for Preaching must always begin in the quietness of the man of God in the presence of God. "The sermon without the life is worthless, and the sermons without the Word is powerless."

Preaching Experience and Suggestions comes from the heart of six decades of ministry.

Ways to Improve Communication and Delivery of Sermons gives a dozen simple things we can do to be more effective preachers.

Centrality of Biblical Preaching  The most effective ministers believe in the primacy of preaching. What is the most essential thing you do as a minister?

What about Preaching?

Preaching Critique Form   PDF  Here is a simple critique form for a class on preaching or for the brave preacher or student who wants helpful feedback in his preaching.

How to Live the Christian Life makes a great handout to give to new believers. This is a favorite by Billy Graham that had been reproduced and use by many pastors.



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